Buy Local Business Initiative (BLBI)

We care about you and your business. Most companies want to sell you things, we are focused on helping you to save money and to grow your business.

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The more your business grows, the more we all benefit.

Our consumer database has thousands of potential customers and is growing. We want to highlight your business as part of our Buy Local initiative. Our LOCAL community-based approach is designed to create a community of buyers for a community of local businesses. We provide

In-store payment services for credit card and debit card payments

We leverage our merchant community to provide you with better payment processing rates which reduce your costs and help to increase your profits…Increase Profits!

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Online sales

Covid has taught us many lessons. Online sales is a must! If you have an existing website, we add payment capabilities so you can accept online payments safely and securely. If you don’t have a website, we build it for you and add payment capabilities so your customers can buy from you online…Increase Sales!

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The more people know about your business, the more likely it is that you get more customers. We will get the word out. We will market to the local community so they know about you and your business. We will focus on increasing online sales, local in store pickup orders and deliveries…Increase Sales!

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We will add you to our community of local merchants and local shoppers so there is instant awareness of your business and the amazing goods and services you offer…More Customers!

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In-store QR Code based payments

Coming soon. Customers will be able to make purchases at your store and online using QR codes. This service is designed to increase your profits even more…Increase Profits!

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To become a member of our local merchant community, please register here or call us at 1-866-AZIRA-11 or 1-866-294-7211 extension 700

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