Payments are an essential element for all merchants and businesses. In the online world, it is one of the most critical aspects, since the realization of all of the hard work and marketing is making that sale.

Merchants have great difficulty finding and qualifying for payment processing services. Most merchants want to provide their members with as many ways to pay as possible. If they want to accept payments by credit cards, debit cards, ACH, EFT, mobile payments, etc…they typically have to approach multiple vendors for each payment service type.

In addition, the user experience to make a payment must be smooth and seamless.

These same merchants also have payment needs, often times to pay employees or consultants, their broadcasters, influencers, e-gamers, trading partners and suppliers both domestically and internationally.

Our Services

Payments as a Service (PaaS)

We have developed a proprietary system called the Azira Payment Hub, or “APH”

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Mobile Payments and Marketing

We build leading-edge, secure, and easy to use mobile payment apps and services.

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Domestic and International Payments

Enabling payments at home and around the world – driving the global economy!

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Customized Payment Solutions

We listen to the needs of our partners and develop customized payment software and solutions.

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